Among Others - Jo Walton I know what I was expecting, before I had read this novel. I knew it had won last year's Hugo and I've been working my way through every hugo and runner up since they started. What I hadn't expected was an unabashedly delightful review of so many great science fiction novels from the last 75 years, most of which I've also read and delighted over. I loved Mor and was always very proud of her, and who wouldn't be? As long as you are a science fiction fan, using magic as easily as breathing, thinking magic as easily as reading, you and I are her. She is our Everyman.

So, yes, I do normally hit a lot of ratings at the five star level, but is that because I research novels before I read them and only aim for the best? Or is it because I always find something brilliant in everything I read? Maybe both, but I don't care. I love books, I love books, I love books... and my kinship with Jo Walton, even though I have never spoken with her, or even read any of her other novels, is one of karass. Thank You, Jo!