Star Wars Scavengers Guide to Droids: A Star Wars Roleplaying Game Supplement - Rodney Thompson, Patrick Stutzman This book has some of the personally more interesting errata for the Star Wars D20 4.0 Rpg. Who doesn't think that the most intelligent and capable character in all of Star Wars was R2-D2? He's got everything: charm, spunk, a head full of astrogation and a pocket full of probes. Now add to that your desire to BE him, and now we've got the proper measure of this rpg supplement. Sure, there's a lot of talk of balance mechanics such as the cost in credits and how you're arbitrarily limited from playing, as a player-character, a whole droid army bent on destroying the GM, but that's just a little side issue, and not anything anyone should really concern themselves about.

(snicker, snicker, wheeze, snicker.)