I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett Extremely enjoyable witch novel. This sub-branch of the whole disc-World always have the ability to make me giddy and giggly with the feeling that imminent practicality is the most magical skill in the world. It's a consistent feeling, of course, and not endemic to this novel. On the other hand, for all of the Aching novels that all appear to be about coming-to-age, there's a delightful variety in how one can come of age. I got the distinct impression that this 16 year old woman just got more wise and has received a great deal of Esteem, in a very Maslovian way. It filled my heart to the brim.

And by the way, fantastic use of foreshadowing. I'm not even referring to the hare. I caught many of the other ones before they bore fruit (barely) and had to reread the lines I thought I was paying attention to because I kept laughing out of turn when the larger set-up kept kicking me in the shins. So very enjoyable for any novel, but for the Discworlds, I might just put this one at one of the tops of the tops.

Fantastic stuff. :)