Moonlit Days and Nights - D.H. Toole I took the novel on faith, and I was justly rewarded. Fidem Servo! I was expecting a mindless romp, but instead, I was immersed in an interesting and engrossing heist. The narrator took a little getting used to, because being a dandy doesn't always lend itself to heights of heroism, but when you put two of them together, and throw away all morals save one, it turns out to be a book I couldn't put down and was genuinely delighted to be reading. I loved the fact that living life fully was the main purpose in living. Never mind what what our friends actually got into, that's hardly the point. It just happened to be great plot that moved quickly and flowed like ambrosia.

I say all of this, frankly, because I believe this book aught to be put back on the shelves and be KNOWN for what it is. Great fun and well written! I recommend it for anyone who wants a good time.