The Moon Pool (Early Classics of Science Fiction) - Natacha Merritt At first I didn't really appreciate the prose, but the author does have a very interesting grasp of description, as long as length doesn't bother you. I wanted to check out a classic of horror in the general field of the cthulhu mythos that has been rated rather highly, but I honestly got tied up with the overblown stereotyped characters. As long as a reader can get beyond these faults, (that weren't faults of the time period it was written,) then there are a number of beautiful aspects to the novel that redeem it. His imagination is quite well developed for the main creature. It was easy to turn the novel into a cheesy 50's sci-fi in my mind, but giving it modern special effects. Too bad this would turn into one of the most absolutely horrible films... ever... for stories, if it were produced; otherwise, the action scenes would have been an absolute charm. What I am reminded of is the sheer imaginative power of frank l baum or similar contemporaries, in other ways, a straight adventure novel, as simple as can be.