2312 - Kim Stanley Robinson This was a slightly more difficult book than is usual, but no less satisfying for having read it. I remember the Mars Trilogy with great fondness but I also remember it being stuffed full of invention and depth that most tales have no more than a gloss. This novel is very much like his previous novels in this regard. I am at once in awe and fully satisfied with the tale as I am also annoyed at how long it took to have the human aspect developed. If anyone had told me during the first 300 pages that it was a love story, I would have scoffed at them and punched them in the sternum. In fact it was a love story, even if it was an alchemical love story of politics, intrigue, personality types (oh yes, a great deal is said about this, and I loved the exploration of opposites between routine and novelty), and even, the most unlikely of love stories I'd have ever read between Swan and Wahram. It works best if you overlay your own preconceptions with with the planets they're from, of course, and if you don't, it becomes messy. I have to say I love the novels that make me work to enjoy them, because if they pull it off, they are a wonder to behold and a novel that sits in my memory long after the book has been put down. Hell, that's the way I categorize my top 100 books of all time. I think this one is going to have a spot there. Despite this, I didn't like the lists and the quantum walks as much as I feel I should have, especially when I knew the trick. I still enjoyed the living hell out of this novel, though. :)