Dune - Frank Herbert This tiny story happens to rank as one of my top three novels of all time. I started reading it as a teenager and every year after that, I'd read it again for the sheer enjoyment of it. Of course, it is very easy to find new things to love about the novel, but the first thing I thought was, "Eewww, so much politics. Gimme Paul becoming a god already." (I had seen the '84 movie on Fox and thought it was corny with a great idea behind it.) Little did I know then that I'd fall into a life-long love of sci-fi because of that weird little event. It helps that I'd stumbled upon one of the greatest classics as the third of that genre.
I'm a fanboy, plain and simple. I got into philosophy because of all of the wisdom sayings of this book. I got into ecology because of this book. I got into the idea of transhumanism because of this book. I even got into what I had then thought of as the most ugly and contemptible and boring of subjects: Economics and Politics. So, several dozen Economics and Politics books later, I can honestly say that Dune corrupted me. Damn you, Dune. I cannot praise you enough.
The others in the series by Frank belong to the great idea camp, without quite touching good literature. Perhaps with enough rewriting and editing, they might have been as great as his second novel. Messiah was the first, and explains why it wasn't as good. I even stopped following the side-writing after the machine rebellion trilogy. Sigh. Maybe one day I'll read them, but not yet.
Viva la Dune!