Hounded - Kevin Hearne I was recommended this book by a friend and since I've also had a great time with several other series in the same way, I was perfectly willing to give it a try. I have to admit that my general reaction to Urban Fantasy is somewhat less than warm, but for some odd reason I can't quite figure out, I still get sucked right in and I enjoy some of them immensely. I started with Laurell K Hamilton, and even stayed with it through the myriad sexcapades. Then I was heavily surprised and overjoyed with Kim Harrison (and still am). Then, missing my guilty UF pleasures, I decided to go for Jim Butcher and was also very deeply pleased by it all. I've read a few others and haven't been that impressed. This being said, I'm still willing to try out others from the genre, just in case.

I cannot say this novel is going to be ranking at the best that those other series can produce, at least until I've seen a progressive arc in story and character development. What I can talk about is the premise and possibilities. We're starting with a strong character from the get go. Think about a 4th through 8th book leveled-up main character starting out in book one instead. Allow him no serious hang-ups (read as plot) sex, money, or drugs. He's a little over two KA old and the last of the ancient druids and he's often an unwilling pawn to Irish gods. So far, so good. Now he's developing dramatic tension. His best friend is his dog, but most of the book (besides some killer action sequences) is going to be simple introduction of characters that will almost certainly be introduced in later books. This, in itself, is a good thing because I've gotten the first five. Without introducing spoilers, I will say that we've got a satisfactory plot, albeit straight as an arrow.

Not too bad for a first in a series. I think most people read UF to be gratified by sexy characters, big action, big magic, and most importantly, easy reads. If so, this is definitely their kind of book. I like the initial premise, too, but then again, I like books with great ideas. Mind you, there's not a ton of them here, yet, but there are a few and I like what I see. Never judge a UF by only one book, regardless. Off I go to read the second!