Darwin's Children - Greg Bear As a sequel, I wanted the novel to be everything that Darwin's Radio was: horrifying and hopeful, amazing speculation and memorable characters. What I did get was a pretty cool adventure with a whole new race of humanity trying to adjust with the old species, and the ideas and development were quite good. This one felt more like a regular sci-fi, and unfortunately, it felt like a long epilogue.

Taken on it's own, the novel holds up and is fascinating and very enjoyable, memorable characters and a difficult adjustment. As a follow-up to a very high-class novel, I don't think it quite made it. I still enjoyed it, but I had a problem because my expectations where so high. This is a reader problem, not a novel problem. I suppose I wanted to see the novel go in other directions than it went, or try to one-up the pervading horror that was such a palpable mess in the previous novel.

That's neither here nor there. What I do remember was a solid novel that deserves a great rating, even if it doesn't quite match with the one it follows.