Hunted - Kevin Hearne, Luke Daniels It feels strange how our hero has the amazing ability to blame strangers so thoroughly for his own actions only to create life-long enemies of them. Of course, he hasn't done this once, or twice, or even three times! You would think that someone so tortured by his own bad decisions might learn from it, but no; he not only succeeds in thwarting new enemies, but makes a whole new set just in time for the next book. It is also a bit odd that he can successfully negotiate treaties of peace with the really big bads just before he is completely snuffed out of existence. It is both nice and annoying that we've got such a predictable character. It may get old if it happens too much more, but I have no problems with the action and the enemies he fights. It's all written larger an life and fast, and for all of these qualities, I've really enjoyed the series. I just worry a little for the future. Fun read!