The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss Wow.

I've been wanting to read this for a while now. Now that I've actually read it, I'm frankly amazed and very impressed. Don't begin reading this traditional fantasy novel expecting fly-by-night action scenes and grand armies and battles. This little jewel of a big novel succeeds best in the details and fully-flavored characterizations. Our main character is bigger than life in our own minds, even if he is rather under-powered in the plots; save his mind, of course. That's his best skill and talent, by far, and Mr. Rothfuss has given us the start of a series that makes me love the people in it. I mean, I love them truly, not just for the hardships they overcame or the growing up they've done or the hints of the people they became. I mean, our hero has become alive in my mind and he has started talking to me without his real author's doing anything.

That's a real skill that I could only wish that every author could share. Most don't.

For this, and I'm sure that most of his readers will agree, we will all wish that Mr. Rothfuss was prolific in his writing. Barring that, his absolute, mind-blowing, QUALITY far outstrips any complaints that I might have in waiting between books.

I'll showcase this book in my bookcase with pride. I will tell everyone who reads fantasy to read this and weep. I'm a fanboy. :)