Fuzzy Nation - John Scalzi I admit I've never read any of Mr. Piper's works but now I've got a real hankering to do so. I loved this story. It had everything. Furries, exploitation, edge-of-the-seat legal drama, and one hell of a tinseltown ending. I was almost swearing to myself that I was reading a Heinlein novel that was updated to modern standards until I realized, for the tenth time, that I was reading one of my favorite modern authors, Mr. John Scalzi, and I subsequently face-palmed myself.
This was a quick and easy read, but by no means was it simple or lacking depth. I laughed out loud and I even dropped the book to clap. I even cursed myself when I dropped the book because I normally don't drop or throw books. Fortunately, I didn't forget my place and was able to keep reading with minimal interruption.

I can't praise the novel enough. It had heart.