Zoe's Tale - John Scalzi I've been a big fan of Scalzi ever since Old Man's War, but I was slightly worried that Zoe's Tale would be a some milking of The Last Colony, which is a POV change of that novel. I'm not entirely certain it was necessary, except for the fact that it develops what might have been a serious dues ex machina event and makes everything hunky-dory. It may sound as if I didn't like the novel, but that's plainly untrue. This was an excellent YA novel, and I have to admit I love the concept of an intelligent alien race without self-consciousness. The whole novel was solid and Zoe always had a strong voice. Even better, I never thought she was overblown or annoying or perfect. Well, for me, that's high praise for a YA heroine.
I will freely admit that I liked the first two novels best, but I see why this one was nominated for Hugo.