The Selfish Giant - Oscar Wilde Being reminded of this short story is a recollection of my childhood, or at least of the day when I was a 14 year old plowing through an Oscar Wilde complete anthology book. I remember thinking that it was so much better than the pithy and pathetic morals found in the Smurfs and for some really odd reason, I wanted a really great moral story with lots of protein when I at this one. I smacked my lips and felt full afterwards.
Of course, like many compulsive word-overeaters, I ignored my appetite and continued the anthology until I wasn't even digesting the moral verbiage anymore. I suppose I ought to have stopped at this story, at least for a day or two. Too much of a good thing can still give you a stomach-ache.

I know, I know! I'm speaking of Oscar Wilde, Mr. Wit and convicted homosexual, and I'm propping him up as a moral giant! And yet, his writing shows us his depth and I appreciated it. The Selfish-Giant was one of my favorite short stories of his. I only gave it 4 stars because it kinda felt too preachy. :)